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Pa5X is the new flagship in the KORG Professional Arranger lineup, redefining an arranger keyboard. Completely redesigned with a state-of-the-art sound engine and a streamlined color-driven user interface, Pa5X produces a stunningly rich and unique sonic experience that inspires you to create and perform!

Pa5X comes packed with thousands of inspiring Sounds and hundreds of fresh Styles, all instantly accessible through an inviting workflow. A completely new front panel featuring an assignable Pad Matrix and Mixer section, multicolored LED buttons, and a huge tilt-able touchscreen puts you in control of your music making experience at all times. Pa5X excels both as a live performance instrument and as a powerful creative tool in the studio, allowing you to find your ideal sound no matter where your music takes you.

The Pa5X was designed with elegance and durability in mind, featuring a sturdy aluminum body and genuine wooden side-panels for a luxury appearance. All of the keybeds on Pa5X provide an authentic feel and full control of expression for any playing situation. The 88-key weighted action has a realistic piano-like touch while the 76- and 61-key versions feature lighter touch semi-weighted keys. All the keybeds include aftertouch control for added expressivity.

At the center of Pa5X is a large 8" tiltable touch screen that displays a completely redesigned GUI (graphical user interface). This makes all the sounds and features of Pa5X easily accessible to home and studio musicians as well as live performers. The colors in the display are carefully matched to the ones used in the LED programmable buttons on the control panel. This color driven interface allows you to easily navigate Pa5X, adding color to your music!

• Premium Quality and Elegant Design
• Modern and Streamlined User Interface
• Stunningly rich sound-engine: EDS-XP
• Real-time controllers
• Advanced Chord Recognition System and Full Library of Chord Sequences
• Smooth Transitions between Sounds, Styles and Songs
• Cutting-edge Dual Crossfading Players
• The SongBook: A Music Library Always With You
• Complete Sound Library
• Intuitive Mixer Section with Extensive Effects Processing
• Dedicated Microphone and Guitar Inputs with Effects Processing
• MIDI, USB, HDMI, Audio In and Out, Pedal Connectors
• Standard File Formats
• Optional high-quality accessories

Korg PA5X 76 Keys

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